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Ever since its arrival, Nualter has recorded steady growth in all fronts i.e. production ,new Product development, quality management ,bringing latest drug delivery system (RR- Rapid release, Improvised micronised Technology) on the quality front besides ensuring GMP & revised schedule-M norms as per latest advanced specifications.

On the Mktg. front, the company has tapped ethical Pharma marketing, Pharma institutional sales & diverse Veterinary Mktg. in north India in the state of Haryana, Punjab, Uttranchal, and West. UP through well trained team of MRs and field Managers.

Recently the company visualized the need of franchisee business with an objective to ensure a mutual befitting business by providing both moral & material support and have made steady headways on this front also to emerge as truly competitive co. capable of meeting the challenges of rapidly changing market needs. With all these concerted efforts the company has achieved an annual growth of approximately 50%.


The companies have always been anxious to set new target on the fronts of product development, new technologies, higher productivity and advanced quality audit with investment plans to cover every nook and corner of the LIFE SCIENCE sector. We are well geared up to face fresh challenges in future arising out of new government policies.
Company’s new manufacturing plant has been successfully installed at Roorkee (UTA) an excise free zone to ensure highly cost competitive and full of quality products. The company strives for quality excellence in the interest of patient care and for a healthy world, compling to our motto, which reads-


                                                                            "Caring for healthy and longer life"

Veterinary mineral mixture has chelated minerals, milk yield and high reproductive performance. It contains chelated minerals, live lactobacillus, live yeast culture and multi vitamins. It highers reproduction efficiency, improves immune status, promotes growth and milk production, improves fat percentage of milk, prevention of nutritional deficiency in cows and improves digestive strength

DOSAGE - 25/30 gm. for cow/buffalo per day to be mixed in the feed for better health & maintenance and to avoid the infertility problems.

Asloliv is an advanced combination of multivitamin, liver extracts, choline chloride & enzyme with added advantage of B-Complex.


1) Hepatitis                                   5) Liver Enlargement

2) Jaundice                                    6) Fatty Liver Syndrome

3) Liver Cirrhosis & Fibrosis     7) Growth Stimulant

4) Cholecystitis & Colangitis

Srical is a new formulation for effective management of Calcium.

It is an animal feed supplement of calcium, vitamins, minerals, Leptadenia and Satavary with Amino acid. Highly Lactogenic & Galactogouge, stimulates, increases and maintains milk production.


1) Hypocalcaemic disorders    4) For growth& development

2) Pregnancy & Lactation         5) Pre & post deworming period

3) Improves health in weak

     & debilitated animals

Asloceff - SB is ceftriaxone + Subactum injection are used to overcome serious infections. Ceftriaxone is a third generation cephalosporin and sulbactum is a beta- lactamase inhibitor. 


RTI, Mastitis, UTI,Bacterial septicaemia, GIT Infections and pre & post operative infections.


Large Animals - 3 to 4.5 gm, once in a day. In serious cases 12 hourly interval for 3 to 5 days.

About us -

Nualter Veterinary care- A veterinary organisation ,came into existence when a group of committed ,dedicated & experienced professionals with background of marketing/ sales and manufacturing from top Pharma national & multinational companies, joined hands together with motto of care & concern for healthy & longer life as their guiding principle. Quality, availability within the affordable reach of the patient & complete customer satisfaction are just a few mentions worthy factors that contributed immensely to our growth.

We have in our portfolio, a range of products, either different in formulations or having advance technology e.g. Rapid Release (RR) technology or having certain U.S Ps. (Unique selling propositions) which keeps our brand above the mushrooms of many “ME Toes” in the market.